Electropical, the final edition and 10-year anniversary party, November 15, 2014, featuring guest percussionists Yoro Noukoussi, Raphael Geronimo, Sacha “Percussionista” Levin, Alex Babeanu, and Nick Apivor, and bellydancer Bobbi-Dee Schultz (video by Ross Harvey)


Electropical April 2013 with guests Tajah Olson and Yoro Noukoussi


Electropical March 2013 with guest conguero Jack Duncan


Electropical May 2012 with guest Sacha “Percussionista” Levin


Electropical April 2012 with Nick Apivor on percussion


Electropical March 2012 with Raphael Geronimo and DJ Kobe Louis Charles


Electropical February 2012 with percussionist Navaro Franco