DJ Michael Laycock’s new Worldbeat Sessions mix

My latest DJ mix offers a taste of the Latin and Afro-Latin vibe in the works for the second edition of Worldbeat Sessions (Saturday, May 16 at the Backstage Lounge).

I’m looking forward to sharing the stage that night with DJ Tadaaki Hozumi (Vancouver Groove Movement, Love Supreme) and percussionist Yoro Noukoussi. Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, enjoy the mix!

DJ Michael Laycock

Worldbeat Sessions May 2015 mix by Michael Laycock on Mixcloud

DJ Michael Laycock’s new salsa mix on Mixcloud

I’ve been meaning to put together a salsa mix for a while now. After all, salsa always gets people onto the dance floor at Electropical.

Of course, being an Electropical mix, these are tracks that give salsa a healthy, playful, global kick in the ass. A few are from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia, but the rest hail from Senegal, Turkey, India, France, and beyond.

Enjoy, and see you Saturday, May 17 when Electropical returns to the Backstage Lounge!


Electropical May 2014 Salsa Mix by Michael Laycock on Mixcloud

DJ Michael Laycock’s new mix on Mixcloud

Here’s another freewheeling sonic trip around the world, touching down in Spain, Turkey, the Balkans, Brazil, Colombia, and points in between. In other’s words, it’s the kind of mix you’d hear at Electropical.

Cheers, and enjoy!


(Note: if you have any trouble hearing the mix below, check out the mobile device-friendly version.)

Electropical July 2013 mix by Michael Laycock on Mixcloud

DJ Michael Laycock’s
Under-a-palapa mix

I’m heading off soon for a little tropical getaway. And as I dream of stretching out under a palapa, sipping a mojito, and just staring at a turtle for a while, this is the soundtrack.

Enjoy, and hasta luego!


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