Worldbeat Sessions returns Sat May 20 with guests DJ Nils and percussionist Kurai Mubaiwa at Backstage Lounge

Join DJ Michael Laycock (Electropical), guest DJ Nils (Beats Without Borders), and percussionist Kurai Mubaiwa (Zimbamoto) on Saturday, May 20 at the Backstage Lounge for the next edition of Worldbeat Sessions — a night of global grooves.

We’ll go deep into the space where African, Latin, funk, and electronic music meet as we explore the grooves we have in common. Plus, DJ Michael marks 50 laps around the sun on the long weekend, so there’s plenty to celebrate.

Guest DJ Nils has been DJing since the early ‘90s and is a founding member of Vancouver’s long-running Beats Without Borders collective. He’s played festivals like Diversity, Big Time Out, and Shambhala, and he’s opened for headliners like Nickodemus, Femi Kuti, and Gaudi. He’s an inspiring DJ with a knack for reading the energy of a room and giving the dance floor just what it needs. Nils last appeared at Worldbeat Sessions in January 2016.

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