Worldbeat Sessions second anniversary bash Sat March 18 with guests DJ Julio Montero & percussionist Sacha Levin

Join DJ Michael Laycock (Electropical), guest DJ Julio Montero (Havana Fridays), and percussionist Sacha Levin on Saturday, March 18 at the Backstage Lounge for the second anniversary of Worldbeat Sessions – a night of danceable global grooves.

To celebrate two years of Worldbeat Sessions, we’ll go deep into the space where Latin, Caribbean, and African music meet as we explore the grooves we have in common.

Guest DJ Julio Montero co-produces the Havana Fridays parties at Lux Lounge. Born in Cuba and raised in a family obsessed with music and dance, Julio lived in neighbourhoods renowned for their strong traditions of Conga, Son, and Afro-Haitian rhythms. He spins an eclectic mix of dance music spanning the Caribbean, the Americas, and Africa. When he’s not on the decks, Julio is an acclaimed salsa dance instructor.
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CubAfrica debuts Sat Aug 20 with guests DJ Julio Montero and percussionists Yoro Noukoussi & Jack Duncan

cubafrica_aug2016“Virtually all Cuban music has been influenced by African rhythms,” DJ Marc Fournier says.

“Cuban popular music has strands from both Spain and Africa, woven into a unique Cuban cloth. Replying back to its source, in the 1950s, Cuban music had a big influence on the music of West and Central Africa, completing a circle where dancing rhythms are kings and queens. A dance party like no other because CubAfrica is going to be my best birthday party in a long time! Just added to the line-up are DJ Julio Montero and master percussionists Jack “Jackito” Duncan and crowd favorite Yoro Noukoussi.”

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