Sites and people we like:

World Beat Canada
Podcasts, video, charts, events, and reviews from the hardest working man in world beat in Vancouver: the one and only Cal Koat.

Highlife World Music
The Mecca of world music stores in the city. Founded in 1982, Highlife is home to a distinctive hand-picked selection of great music from around the world.

Xavier Berbudeau Audio
Vancouver-based sound engineer who has saved many an Electropical from sonic disaster. If you’re planning an event that involves sound, hire this man.

Yoro Noukoussi
Long-time friend and Electropical collaborator Yoro brings any event to life with his percussion mastery.

Navaro Franco
Percussionist and Electropical collaborator, Navaro is a founding member of DivaDrum, an all female rhythm & movement quartet. Her drumming experience includes training in Brazilian Batucada and Japanese Taiko drumming.

Sacha Levin
Sacha, another percussionist extraordinaire and Electropical accomplice, currently performs, records, and teaches with some of Vancouver’s top musicians. Skilled in African and Latin percussion, she has performed and toured extensively.

Latincouver brings together Latin Americans and Latin “enthusiastics” living in Vancouver to strengthen and celebrate the richness of our cultures. Check out their events.

NeoGeo Productions
The event-production team of Electropical DJ Marc Fournier and sound engineer Xavier Berbudeau, who’ve produced world music events like LOVE in the Time of Andalusia. Keep an eye out for their future events.

City Salsa Vibe
Your Vancouver source for salsa entertainment. City Salsa Vibe will keep you partying Thursday to Saturday.

Caravan World Rhythms
Robert Benaroya and crew bring some of the best live acts from around the globe to the Lower Mainland, the Sunshine Coast, and beyond.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival
The crown jewel of the summer festival season, with the best backdrop we can imagine. Sterotyped for the Birkenstock 500, Folk Fest is really a hub for sonic explorers and fans of music from around the globe.

In the House Festival
Concerts in intimate private living spaces is what this innovative, long-running series is all about. The intimacy of the home provides an ideal setting for people of all walks of life to come together and share in an original experience.

Turner Music & Events
Vancouver’s premier live music and entertainment international booking agency and event promotion business.

Coastal Jazz
The organization of one of the premier musical events of the summer — the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival — not to mention the best jazz events in the city all year round.