Electropical finale and 10-year anniversary party, November 15, 2014, with percussionists Yoro Noukoussi, Raphael Geronimo, Sacha “Percussionista” Levin, Alex Babeanu, and Nick Apivor, and bellydancer Bobbi-Dee Schultz


Electropical October 2014 with members of the Boban & Marko Markovic Orkestar


Electropical November 2011


Electropical June 2008, with percussionist Yoro Noukoussi


Electropical February 2008, with percussionists Yoro Noukoussi and Nick Apivor


Electropical March 2007


Electropical March 2006


Electropical February 2005 with members of the Carnival Band


Electropical January 2005


Electropical’s debut, November 6, 2004